USPTO Warns of Unofficial Solicitations

The USPTO recently warned that private companies not associated with the Trademark Office are using trademark application and registration information from publicly available USPTO databases to mail or e-mail trademark related solicitations.

The companies usually offer legal services, trademark monitoring services, recordation of marks with U.S. Customs and Border Protection, and “registration” on a private registry.

While legal, the services often deceptively resemble the USPTO name, or expressions such as “United States” or “U.S.”   USPTO customers may be induced to pay fees to companies offering the services, believing they are affiliated with the Trademark Office.

The USPTO encourages recipients of misleading communications to contact the USPTO about them by emailing  When notifying the Office about a misleading communication, include a copy of the communication (including envelope), indicate whether the recipient thought the communication was an official U.S. government communication, and indicate whether fees were mistakenly paid.

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