We value our association with the firm, they are not only our advisors, they are also our very good friends.

Bruce Sedley, Inventor, and CorKey Control Systems, Hong Kong.

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Highlights of Our Recent Work

  • On October 5, 2018 we spoke to technology engineering students at Mira Costa High School in Manhattan Beach about patent law. See Note.
  • Our longtime client, Feher Research, launched its new patented air conditioned motorcycle helmet: www.FeherHelmets.com.
  • Blaha and Lauson favorably settled a trademark and copyright case on the first day of trial for clients Abaco Machines and MUSIC Insurance company.  See attached Dismissal Order.
  • Rather than oppose the our motion to dismiss for lack of personal jurisdiction in New York, Tarte, Inc. dismissed the case. See Dismissal.
  • Lauson successfully opposed a preliminary injunction motion in a patent case involving scuba gear, the Court deciding the moving party was unlikely to succeed on the merits of their claims and had not proven irreparable harm. See Order.
  • Lauson filed a provisional patent for our client Steve Feher’s MR. COOL™ air-conditioned helmet, set to begin retail sales.  See L.A. Times article.
  • Lauson was a panelist speaker at the “Perceptions of IP” event hosted by Cal. State University Long Beach, College of Business Administration. See Flyer.
  • Lauson successfully opposed a complaint brought by the Green Bay Packers to take away his client’s domain name totalpackers.com, in use for over 8 years and having over 1 million visits annually by football fans.  The complaint was denied after the three member panel unanimously found the client had a legitimate interest in the domain name and thus was not a cybersquatter. See Decision.
  • Lauson successfully argued against a motion for preliminary injunction brought by the Jimi Hendrix Estate against his clients Tiger Paw Beverages, the Georgia federal judge finding that no substantial likelihood of confusion exists and imposing only a very narrow injunction mandating changes Defendants had already made. See Order and news article.
  • Lauson’s summary judgment motion against 5 Hour Energy’s trademark claims was granted, the Michigan judge finding differences in the packaging along with the marks being different support no likelihood-of-confusion as a matter-of-law.  See Order.
  • Rather than contest Lauson’s summary judgment of invalidity, Christie Parker & Hale’s managing partner Dave Dillard took the unusual step of dedicating the patent to the public, the total capitulation that ended the infringement lawsuit. See Document.
  • Lauson prevails on a pair of domain name decisions for his client Sneakerhead.  See online Decision #1, and Decision #2.
  • McGushion successfully opposed an appeal of a reexamination invalidating two patents.  See Orders.
  • Lauson favorably settled a trademark infringement case brought against Under Armour and 14 retailers five days into a jury trial.  See online news article.
  • Lauson successfully opposed a summary judgment motion in a trademark case against Under Armour. See Court’s Order and an online news story.
  • Lauson participated in a conference for the Port of Los Angeles titled “Legal Do’s and Don’ts” in which he gave a presentation on International IP Protection.  See speaker bios.
  • Lauson successfully moved for a change of venue in a patent case despite his client AVC Corp.’s contacts with Seagate in Northern California. See Order.
  • Lauson successfully opposed a motion to bifurcate liability and damages brought by Under Armour and 14 retail Defendants.  See Order.
  • Lauson brought a trademark action against Under Armour, Inc. and 14 retail Defendants.  See Article.
  • Lauson successfully opposed a motion for a TRO for his client Aquastar Pool Products, the Court finding Zodiac/Polaris was unlikely to succeed on its trade dress infringement claim.  See order, Article.
  • Lauson settled copyright disputes for his client And Cake, Inc., including substantial settlements in 2012.
  • The Firm’s reexamination petitions for two patents-in-suit were granted, and the district court stayed an infringement action.   See orders.
  • The firm participated in a precedential Federal Circuit appeal overturning a district court finding of infringement  based on prosecution disclaimer.   See decision
  • Lauson favorably settled a trademark opposition for his client Sneakerhead, thereby acquiring the Applicant’s rights for toys in 2012.
  • Lauson favorably settled litigations for his client Aquastar Pool Products against a competitor Hayward in 2012.
  • New York District Court granted Lauson’s motion to dismiss for lack of jurisdiction. Download decision.
  • Lauson favorably settled a trade secret case against his client REX Systems of Wisconsin in February, 2010.
  • Lauson completed a due diligence review of patent assets a client is considering acquiring (transaction yet to be announced).
  • Lauson prepared twelve (12) patent licensing agreements for his client Feher Research Company in 2009.
  • Lauson successfully enforced a key patent for Lighttools, Inc. against B & H Photo, Bogen Imaging, Image Light Group and Elinchrom, and Larson Enterprises in 2009, and against Promark International and Norman Lighting in 2008.
  • Lauson favorably settled a patent infringement case against his client AquaStar Pool Products the day before trial in August, 2008.
  • Lauson favorably settled a patent infringement case against clients Gadget Universe and Skymall 10 days before trial in March, 2008.
  • Lauson successfully opposed a preliminary injunction motion in a patent case by Spira Footwear of El Paso, the Texas Court finding the patent was likely not infringed and likely invalid.  See opinion
  • Lauson’s motion to dismiss in an art fraud case was successful as to the primary claimants, the Maryland Court finding compulsory counterclaims should have been brought in an earlier-filed California action.  See opinion
  • Lauson, representing Gadget Universe and Skymall in a patent case, obtained a favorable order construing the claims after a Markman Hearing in March, 2007
  • Lauson filed a civil art fraud case in 2006, working with the FBI and other law enforcement, search and seizure warrants were issued to collect evidence. This matter is ongoing. LA Times Story
  • Lauson representing Gadget Universe and Skymall obtained summary judgment of trade dress non-infringement against the plaintiff in February, 2006.
  • Lauson favorably settled an intellectual property case for his client Aroa Marketing against Asset Marketing eleven days before trial in 2005.
  • Lauson favorably settled a business suit between his client, an independent silversmith, with the Bohlin Company in 2004.
  • Lauson litigated patent infringement actions against four medical device supply company defendants which resulted in license agreements under the patent for his client Zerowet Inc. in 2002.
  • Lauson obtained a preliminary injunction for his client Live Wire Productions against Liberty Media Corporation in a trademark matter in 2001.
  • Lauson obtained a favorable settlement including a licensing agreement for his client Universal Packaging against the Warner Lambert Division of Pfizer in a patent case in 2000.
  • Lauson was “second chair” at a jury trial resulting in a willful infringement verdict for the client in a patent case in 1999, Nikken, Inc. v. Homedics.
  • Lauson obtained a preliminary injunction against Lockheed-Martin for the client Mountain Computer in a trademark case in 1998.
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